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Consumer Tips

Warning: It does not make us proud to advise you there are some bail agencies in the community who will take advantage of unknowing consumers. While most bail agencies are honest and fair with the public, some are not. It is to your advantage to protect yourself and your family by following a few simple bail bonds consumer tips and to become acquainted with the bail bonds process.

  1. Deal only with a licensed bail agent. Ask to see the bail agent's license and identification prior to any bail transaction.
  2. The bail agent should charge you only legal rates. The premium charged for a bail bond is normally 10% of the full bail amount. Any additional charges should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction.
  3. Get itemized receipts for all charges.
  4. Make sure you are given copies of all signed contracts and agreements.
  5. If financing is provided, make sure you understand the terms of the financing agreement prior to signing, and be sure you are given copies of anything you sign.
  6. Make sure the bail agent you contract with will be available to you after the bail bond has been posted. Part of what you pay for is service. Any professional bail agent will be available for questions or concerns throughout the entire process.

As an informed bail bond consumer, you will have the tools necessary to make the right decisions. Make sure you feel comfortable with the bail agent you choose. Go by your gut instinct – if it feels right, it probably is. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away and call someone else.

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