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Bail Bond Process Breakdown

We love this video from AboutBail on how the bail bond process works:

Here’s a summary of the steps of the process covered in AboutBail’s short video:


1.) Arrested and booked

2.) Judge sets bail at bail hearing

3.) Contact Bail Agent with:

-Full name of person in jail

-Jail location

-Booking number


4.) Bail agent will charge 10-15% percent of total bail

5.) You may need to sign over collateral to agent to guarantee you can pay the bond if the defendant does not appear in court. Collateral can include:





6.) Bail agent posts bond

7.) Defendant released from jail

8.) Defendant must appear in court. If not:

-Bail agent must pay full bail amount

-Bail agent will locate defendant and take them back to jail

-Collateral will be seized by the bail agent

9.) If the defendant appears in court, the bond is exonerated

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