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August 2016 Primary Election: Washington State Judicial Candidates At-A-Glance

No one enjoys thinking about the possibility of facing criminal charges of any gravity, but it never hurts to be prepared for a rainy day. Should you or a loved one be arrested and land in a city or county jail, whether or not bail is granted, you will need to appear at a court hearing to determine the next steps in your case.

This August, registered Washington State voters will have the chance to select the key players in the courtroom: the presiding judges. Every issue on the upcoming primary election ballot is important, and several will have influence over the legal and prison systems, but here we offer a solid launching point for self-education prior to the vote.

The following is an abridged rendering of the official voters’ guide, available on the Washington Secretary of State website. The elected Washington State Supreme Court justice will serve a 6-year term, elected Superior Court Judges will serve 4-year terms, and each office is nonpartisan. See link above for complete judicial candidate bios.


Supreme Court Justice Position 5

Barbara Madsen
Most recent credential highlights: Supreme Court Justice (1992-present); Chief Justice (2009-present)
Select statement quote: “We need the strong, honest, and compassionate voice of Chief Justice Madsen requiring the state meet its paramount duty to educate our children, leading access to justice initiatives, and breaking down barriers to re-entry after incarceration.”

Greg Zempel
Most recent credential highlights: Kittitas County Prosecutor (currently in 6th term)
Select statement quote: “The court has no one with major criminal prosecution experience – a serious omission because criminal law makes up a majority of the court’s cases. Adding a prosecutor to the court will make our state safer.”

(Zamboni) John Scannell
Most recent credential highlights: Several civil and class action lawsuits filed throughout attorney career
Select statement quote: “I have been one of the few attorneys in the state that has actively been supporting the American Bar Association's criticism of the Washington attorney disciplinary system… I will base my campaign on the issue that I will protect the rights of Washington citizens with decisions that are intelligent, just and ethical.”


Ferry, Pend Oreille, Stevens Superior Court Judge Position 2

Jessica (Taylor) Reeves
Most recent credential highlights: Deputy Prosecutor (2014-present)
Select statement quote: “As a Stevens County Superior Court Commissioner, Jessica established the guardianship monitoring program and created a family court investigator position, without any budget increase. She joined three Superior Court Judges Association committees and was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Washington Association of Family and Conciliatory Courts. As a member of the Family and Juvenile Law Committee, Jessica helped develop the non-parental custody bench book used by judges statewide.”

Dave Turplesmith
Most recent credential highlights: Stevens County Superior Court Commissioner (2014-present); Stevens County District Court Judge (pro tem); Administrative Law Judge (2009-present)
Select statement quote: “I have prosecuted violent criminals, such as murderers and child abusers. I uphold the law, fight to protect people’s rights, hold criminals accountable and keep our communities safe.”

Terry L. Williams
Most recent credential highlights: 24 years of lawyer experience
Select statement quote: “He has given high priority to advocating for children and families, including the elderly and disabled.”


King Superior Court Judge Position 44

Cathy Moore
Most recent credential highlights: Sworn part-time judge of King County Superior Court, presided in family, juvenile, and mental illness courts
Select statement quote: “For 25+ years, I have worked to remove barriers to justice while also serving my community. I have provided thousands of hours of free legal representation, created a new revenue stream, $1million to date, that funds civil legal aid, shut down a predatory lending operation, and expanded legal services for victims of domestic violence. As a King County Superior Court judge, I will work to raise awareness of implicit bias and find solutions to racial disproportionality.”

Eric Newman
Most recent credential highlights: Judge Pro Tempore, King County District Court
Select statement quote: “As a women's shelter volunteer and a judge who presides over domestic violence and protection order cases, I am committed to protecting vulnerable women in our community. As a veteran and son of a career soldier, I understand the unique challenges veterans and their families face and am committed to addressing them. As a former juvenile detention officer, I am sensitive to the needs of at-risk youth and dedicated to addressing racial inequalities in the justice system.”

Jackson Schmidt
Most recent credential highlights: Judicial Clerk for the Honorable Joseph Coleman (retired) of the Washington Court of Appeals; Member and former President of Mt. Baker Community Club
Select statement quote: “Jackson is committed to the idea that every person deserves equal justice under the law, as well as to the integrity and fairness needed by those serving in our justice system. He has been rated “Exceptionally Well Qualified” by the Join Asian Bar and “Well Qualified” by the King County Bar Association and LGBT (QLAW).”


Kittitas Superior Court Judge Position 1

Candace Hooper
Most recent credential highlights: 29+ years in Kittitas County Prosecutor's Office, 25 as Chief Criminal Deputy
Select statement quote: “I have handled both criminal and civil matters in Superior Court, personally trying hundreds of fact-finding and criminal cases before different judges, as well as arguing countless motions and appeals. My experience with felony prosecutions, juvenile cases, dependency and child abuse cases, misdemeanors, paternity, and child support matters have given me a solid basis in law.”

CK Powers
Most recent credential highlights: Admitted to Practice Law in the State of Washington and the U.S. Court of Appeals – 9th Circuit and Federal District Court in both the Eastern and Western Division; Served as Judge Pro Tem in Lower District Court in Kittitas County.
Select statement quote: “Her experience includes property rights, criminal law, juvenile court, domestic relations, landlord-tenant, water rights, and numerous other areas of the law. She appears regularly in Kittitas, Grant and Yakima County Superior Courts.”

Chris Herion
Most recent credential highlights: Private practice attorney
Select statement quote: “I aim to provide Kittitas County the same level of professional legal service I have worked to provide as a county criminal deputy prosecutor and, in my private capacity, as a Special Assistant Attorney General.”


Pierce Superior Court Judge Position 8

Grant Blinn
Most recent credential highlights: Municipal Court Judge for Lakewood, University Place, Steilacoom, and DuPont; Judge Pro Tem for Thurston County District Court; Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Pierce County for over 17 years.
Select statement quote: “Judge Blinn is starting a veterans’ court in Lakewood. With your vote, he will work toward a countywide veterans’ court to better serve the many former armed services members who live in our community. In Lakewood Municipal Court, Judge Blinn has emphasized fiscal responsibility while increasing access to justice and protecting victims’ rights.”

Dwayne L. Christopher
Most recent credential highlights: Over 17 years of experience; Litigates Plaintiff’s personal injury, employment and other complex civil cases.
Select statement quote: “As a Judicial Assistant for nine years, he trained under one of the most experienced judges on the bench handling a broad range of serious cases including criminal, civil, juvenile and family law. Through diligence and dedication, Dwayne continues to fight for the rights of Pierce County citizens, including winning a disability discrimination case in our Washington State Supreme Court.”

Jack Hill
Most recent credential highlights: Served as Judge pro tem presiding over trials and dockets in Pierce County Superior Court (Civil, Criminal, Mental Health, Juvenile Courts), District Courts, and Municipal Courts of Tacoma, Lakewood, and Puyallup.
Select statement quote: “I have been selected by Judges, County Executives and Council members to participate in several public safety commissions - e.g. Domestic Violence Commission, Pierce County Law and Justice Commission, and the Superior Court Criminal Law and Drug Court Committees.”


Pierce Superior Court Judge Position 17

David Ladenburg
Most recent credential highlights: Four times elected Tacoma Municipal Court Judge (2002-present), presiding over the dedicated domestic violence court.
Select statement quote: “For 13 years I worked to help those affected by drugs, alcohol and domestic violence to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their families.”

Karena Kirkendoll
Most recent credential highlights: Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner, 3 years; Administrative Law Judge, 4 years; Industrial Appeals Judge, 4 years.
Select statement quote: “Throughout her career, Karena has worked to guarantee access to justice for all. As a judicial officer for over ten years, and as an attorney in private practice for 15 years, Commissioner Kirkendoll exemplifies the qualities we deserve from our judges.”

Tom Quinlan
Most recent credential highlights: Pro tem Judge in Fife and Fircrest Municipal Courts and Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner; Superior Court Arbitrator; US Bankruptcy Court panel mediator.
Select statement quote: “As a JAG [Judge Advocate General], Lieutenant Colonel Quinlan is a leader with unmatched experience, prosecuting serious offenders including sexual assault and domestic violence cases, protecting soldiers and families, and ensuring that our military meets the highest standards.”


Snohomish Superior Court Judge Position 3

Cindy Larsen
Most recent credential highlights: Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Criminal Division, (1997-2002 and 2006-present).
Select statement quote: I have successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases, including murders and sexual assaults perpetrated against children. I am experienced in both criminal and civil law.”

S. Richard Peterson
Most recent credential highlights: Extensive Trial and Court of Appeals experience
Select statement quote: Every day our Citizens needlessly spend thousands of dollars on legal fees due to an inefficient and outdated court system. All other sectors of our community use internet based technologies to reduce costs. We must fast track the transition to using internet technologies in order to provide our citizens affordable access to the Courts.”

Rico Tessandore
Most recent credential highlights: 10 years as pro tem Superior Court Judge; More than 17 years of courtroom experience.
Select statement quote: Rico Tessandore brought hundreds of criminals to justice as part of the Prosecutor’s Special Victims Unit, protecting both children and the elderly.”

Kevin Patrick McCabe
Most recent credential highlights: 18 years as an attorney in trials, hearings, and appeals in Municipal Court, District Court, Superior Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court.
Select statement quote: I have worked on international human rights suits, framed a constitutional right guaranteeing the privacy of your bank records, and defended your right to speak freely… Mostly, though, I have defended the poor. Sometimes, I stood by them against terrible allegations. But, in thousands of cases, I have defended them from the type of minor charges that destroy lives and families.”


Please note, the above is for informational purposes only. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of All City Bail Bonds and does not serve as an endorsement.