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What Happens If You or a Loved One Is Arrested Out of State?

Though being arrested is a rattling experience regardless of the circumstances, if it happens far away from home, it can feel even more uncertain and disorienting. If you or a loved one is arrested while visiting another state, there are a few special points to consider.

The first concern, of course, is how to secure release from jail on bail when your home, your family, and your support network are not nearby. From there, the arrested person will face several challenges: Will they need to repeatedly return to the state of the arrest for court appearances? Can they return to their home state while awaiting trial?

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Securing bail doesn't have to be chaotic just because you crossed state lines. All City Bail Bonds is proud to offer our bail bond services across the nation -- so if you run into an issue while on vacation in Hawaii, while attending off-site job training in Texas, or while you’re otherwise away from your home state, we are here to offer guidance.

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Determine Jurisdiction for the Alleged Offense

Chances are, if you or a loved one was arrested for a crime in a certain state, that state is where the crime was committed and will be where court proceedings will take place. This can cause issues for defendants, particularly if they were arrested far from home.

Do note, if you have been arrested on accusation of a law violation, the courts are generally indifferent to your personal logistics dilemma. You will still be expected to return for every court date or face losing bail and being remanded into custody.

Leaving the State Won't Prevent Prosecution

Some may be tempted to simply pay for bail and return to their home state as a means of avoiding prosecution. However, this is not a legally sound strategy. All fifty states work with one another to enforce criminal law. That means that your home state can receive a request from the state where the offense occurred to arrest you and return you to their jurisdiction, a process called extradition. This could result in additional legal fees or charges and is a very unwise way to respond to criminal charges.

What If the Offense Is a Misdemeanor?

If you live out of state and are facing a misdemeanor, such as driving while intoxicated, the courts may allow you to hire a local attorney in the jurisdiction where the crime was allegedly committed and have them appear in your stead at court dates. This luxury is generally not afforded to those who are charged with a felony offense. Those facing felony charges will generally be expected to be physically present at court on all required court dates, and failure to appear could mean severe legal and financial consequences.

Personal Recognizance Is Less Likely in Out-of-State Cases

In general, courts will require monetary bail from out-of-state defendants, as they have no ties to the local community, potentially making them less likely to appear for court. As a result, they will typically require a cash bond or bail. Depending on your circumstances, the fastest and easiest way to make bail when in another state will be to rely on a professional bail bond company. If you or a loved one needs help due to an arrest in an area outside of Washington state, contact All City Bail Bonds as soon as possible!