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Guide to Posting Bail and Getting Out of Jail in Kennewick

No matter where someone is arrested in Benton County, Washington, he or she is brought to Kennewick, Washington, to the Benton County Jail. This jail provides jail services to all law enforcement agencies in the county, as well as many agencies outside of the county on a contractual basis.

Posting Bail

The court that has jurisdiction over the inmate’s case sets the amount of bail for a person’s release. For class A or B felony offenses, the amount of bail must be set by a judicial officer and determined on an individual basis.

When posting bail during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), go to the court that has jurisdiction over the inmate’s case. After business hours or when the courts are not open, the bail will need to be paid at the jail and must be paid in exact cash. The jail cannot make change for bail money.

If the bail will be posted by a bail bond company, the bonding company will need to be on the list of approved bonding companies. Bonding companies charge 10 percent of the total bond amount. That percentage is set by the state of Washington.

Release After Posting Bail

Only an inmate can learn when he or she is getting released, due to safety concerns. In most cases, it takes approximately one to two hours for the jail to release someone. The clothes the inmate was brought into the jail wearing will be what he or she is released in. If there is a positive balance in an inmate’s account, it will be dispersed by check to the individual. Also, any property the inmate had when brought will be released back to the inmate.