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Guide to Posting Bail in Tacoma

After someone is arrested, he or she is often taken to the Pierce County Jail to be booked in. If a bond has been set by the court with jurisdiction in the case, then the bond may be paid in order to secure the release of the defendant.

Posting a Cash Bond                                                                                                                             

There are several factors that are taken into consideration before a bond is set for an individual. These include:

  • The seriousness of the offense allegedly committed

  • The likelihood that the defendant will take off and not appear in court

  • The defendant's ties to the local community

  • The defendant’s criminal record

Once a defendant’s bond amount is known, and it is a cash bond, it may be posted at the jail. As long as the defendant appears at all of his or her scheduled hearings, the bond will be refunded. It doesn’t matter if the disposition of the case is guilty or not guilty.

Posting a Bail Bond

If the defendant has a bond set that requires a bail bonding company, then you will need to find one authorized to post bonds in Pierce County. Bondsman charge a set fee for writing bonds, and it is not refundable. In some cases, collateral may be needed. Once the case is finished, the collateral will be returned back to the person who put the collateral up.


Once a defendant’s bond has been posted, then he or she can be released. Information about his or her upcoming court date will be listed on the bond paperwork, as will any special instructions by the judge. For example, the court may order that the defendant is not to drink any alcohol or partake in any illegal drugs. These instructions must be followed by the defendants or the bond may be revoked by the court.