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How to Post Bail in Vancouver, Washington

People who are arrested and brought to the Clark County Jail in Vancouver, Washington, likely have one thought: “How do I get out of jail?” If you have a bail set, it’s because a judge set it or it is from a bail schedule. A bail schedule lists the bail amounts for many less serious crimes. If there is no bail set, then the inmate will likely be in jail until a bail hearing is held or the case is disposed of.

Posting a Cash Bail

If an inmate has a bail that is set at “Cash Only,” it means that a bonding company cannot be used to get him or her out of jail. In order to post a cash bond, the exact amount of the bail must be brought to the jail. The jail won’t take checks or credit cards. Once the case is disposed of, the cash is returned. This is as long as the inmate didn’t violate any conditions of the bond and attended all of the court hearings in the case.

Bondsman Posting Bail

Bail bondsman usually charge 10 percent of the bail amount or a minimum of $100. This is not refundable, as this is the fee for writing the bail. If the bond is considerable, then collateral may be required. If the defendant goes to all court hearings and abides by all of the conditions of the bond, then the collateral will be returned when the case is disposed.

Alternatives to Bail

There are a few alternatives to posting bail in Vancouver. These include:

  • Work release programs

  • Time off for good behavior

  • Pre-trial release program

  • Time served

  • House arrest

  • Release on own recognizance

Release from Custody

When an inmate’s bail is posted, he or she can be released. This may take anywhere from 30 minutes to all day long. Cash bonds are generally posted faster, therefore, resulting in a faster release. However, the best thing to do is to be patient, as complaining will not get the inmate released any faster.