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Post Bail - Yakima County Department of Corrections

Jail In Yakima County

If you receive a call from a friend or loved one who in jail in Yakima County, you probably have a lot of questions. Where are they being held? What is the bail amount? How do I post bail? Can I post bail without driving or flying to Yakima? First, remember to take a deep breath and understand that all of these questions have simple answers.

The main jail in Yakima is the Yakima County Department of Corrections. By clicking here you can lookup if the person you know is being held there. If they are, the next step is getting them out.

Posting Bail

Bail bond professionals have access to all of the information you need about posting bail. They work closely with the court system, and therefore have access to all the information you need. They will tell you what the bail amount is, how much it will cost you to post bail, and how quickly your friend or loved on can be set free. You can also pay bail remotely, meaning that you won't have to show up in Yakima in order to set your loved one free.

At All City Bail Bonds, we've worked closely with the court system in Yakima County for 30 years. We know how to get people out quickly, and know how work with clients with from many different financial backgrounds. If you need help posting bail in Yakima County, or just need to speak with a professional, call us now 509-249-8888