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Blog How Bail Works Jail News
June 15, 2019

One of our biggest goals when we opened back in 1989 was to make sure that we could reach every major jail and prison in Washington State. That means having bail agents and offices across the entire state. 30 years later, we have at least one location near every major jail in Washington State.

If you receive a call from a friend or loved one who in jail in Yakima County, you probably have a lot of questions. Where are they being held? What is the bail amount? How do I post bail? Can I post bail without driving or flying to Yakima? First, remember to take a deep breath and understand that all of these questions have simple answers.

Blog How Bail Works
December 21, 2017
People who are arrested and brought to the Clark County Jail in Vancouver, Washington, likely have one thought: “How do I get out of jail?” If you have a bail set, it’s because a judge set it or it is from a bail schedule. A bail schedule lists the bail amounts for many less serious crimes. If there is no bail set, then the inmate will likely be in jail until a bail hearing is held or the case is disposed of.
Blog How Bail Works
December 20, 2017
When a person is brought into the Kitsap County Jail, he or she will learn if there is a bail amount on the charges. The amount of the bail is set by the court with jurisdiction over the charges. Bail can be posted for inmates in one of two ways: cash or through a bonding company.
Blog How Bail Works
December 19, 2017
When someone is arrested and brought to the Island County Sheriff’s Corrections in Coupeville, Washington, it’s common for him or her to feel uneasy and even outright scared. The good news, though, is that most of the defendants in the jail have a bail set by the court holding jurisdiction of the charges.
Blog How Bail Works
December 19, 2017
For those of us with limited experience with the legal justice system, the bail setting process can often be hard to comprehend. How do judges actually calculate and set bail for individuals who are arrested for allegedly committing a crime? This process can seem complicated and arbitrary to those unfamiliar with it, but the truth is that there is a relatively standardized method for calculating and setting bail amounts. Before discussing the factors used in these calculations, it is beneficial to understand the bail process.
Blog How Bail Works
December 18, 2017

After someone is arrested, he or she is often taken to the Pierce County Jail to be booked in. If a bond has been set by the court with jurisdiction in the case, then the bond may be paid in order to secure the release of the defendant.

Blog How Bail Works
December 17, 2017
The Spokane County Detention Services is located 1100 W. Mallon Avenue in Spokane, Washington. Those who are arrested and brought to jail will go through a booking process. This intake process takes about four to six hours and includes a medical screening, booking process and a classification interview. During the classification interview, it is determined where the inmate will be housed. During the booking process, inmates will also learn the cost of their bail or bond and will be given a chance to make a phone call to a loved one to try to work out the specifics for getting out of jail.
Blog How Bail Works
December 16, 2017
No matter where someone is arrested in Benton County, Washington, he or she is brought to Kennewick, Washington, to the Benton County Jail. This jail provides jail services to all law enforcement agencies in the county, as well as many agencies outside of the county on a contractual basis.
Blog How Bail Works
December 15, 2017
When someone is arrested and booked into the Whatcom County Jail, he or she may have a bail or bond amount set. The court that has jurisdiction over the charges is responsible for setting the bail or bond amount.
Blog How Bail Works
December 13, 2017
When someone is arrested and brought to the City of Kent Corrections Facility, he or she will be booked into the jail. Once this process is complete, inmates that have a bond or bail set on their charges will be notified of the bond or bail amount.
Blog How Bail Works Legal System
December 20, 2016
Even on a local level, bail bonds can be confusing to navigate. Most people have never had to deal with the criminal justice system in a manner that requires understanding of bail and bonds, which can lead to panic and uncertainty when bail bond services are required. That fear and confusion can be even more elevated when the charges are federal, resulting in a need for a federal bail bond instead of a state bond.
Blog How Bail Works
December 05, 2016
Though being arrested is a rattling experience regardless of the circumstances, if it happens far away from home, it can feel even more uncertain and disorienting. If you or a loved one is arrested while visiting another state, there are a few special points to consider.
Blog How Bail Works
November 06, 2016
Did you know that bail bonds-related laws and rules can vary from state to state? For instance, the state of Washington won't let just anyone work in the bail bonds industry. There are a plethora of state-specific job standards that Washingtonian bail bonds professionals must meet, from education to work requirements.
Blog How Bail Works
November 02, 2016
For many people, the only thing they know about bail bond services is what they see on television. Shows like “Dog—The Bounty Hunter” portray bail bonds a bit differently than what usually happens. If you use the services of a bail bond agent and you attend your court hearings, you will not likely see the bail bond agent after you are released from jail.
Blog How Bail Works
February 27, 2016
Bail bonds can be a confusing industry, especially because so many people find themselves needing bail money in emergency or short-notice situations. Getting bail money is as packed with specific language as any other aspect of finance, but unlike decisions like signing a lease or taking out a loan, you don’t have much time to get familiar with the facts. Here are a few key terms to help you understand the world and words of the bail industry:
Blog How Bail Works
January 30, 2016
No one can anticipate the moment when they need to call a bail bondsman, but if you find yourself in this situation, here are a few reasons why you should make All City Bail Bonds your first call.
One of the most important pieces of advice you can hear about working with a bail bonds agent is that you need to ensure that they’re licensed. Here are a few tips when it comes to making sure you’re working with the real deal:
Blog How Bail Works
December 20, 2015

Not all assets are what we call “liquid,” meaning that they translate to easily-accessible cash. Liquid assets include anything in your checking or savings account, stocks, bonds, or money market funds. Some assets which can easily be sold, such as gold, are also considered liquid.

It is not at all uncommon for All City Bail Bonds to receive late-night calls from worried parents whose child has just been arrested. It’s an especially confusing, upsetting, and hectic time if you yourself have never been arrested and it’s also your child’s first arrest. You know you need to help get them out of jail and make the best decisions throughout the judicial process, but you have no idea where to start. Here are a few things to help you understand the process of arrest, jail, and bail for teenage defendants.
Blog How Bail Works Legal System
October 20, 2015
Unfortunately, there are many dishonest bail bondsmen in this industry. The last thing anyone needs when they suddenly find themselves in trouble is more trouble, yet fraudulent bail bondsmen do exactly that—they take advantage of the vulnerability and desperation of the accused and their loved ones for illegal financial gain.
Blog Criminal Defense How Bail Works
September 05, 2015
Juveniles don't always have a right to bail in Washington State--know your rights!
Blog How Bail Works
August 05, 2015
Here is a brief account of the history and function of the American bail bond system.
Blog How Bail Works
December 05, 2013
Washington bail bonds infographic is a break down of how the bail bonds process works.